Welcome back everyone! I’m really happy to announce that the second giveaway winner has been chosen! If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, then just to recap: At the start of March I decided to host my very first giveaway in honour of both International Women’s History Month and St Patrick’s Day! I announced the first winner on March 18th, and the lucky Aashiwas gifted a free book written by a female, Irish author of their choosing. The second winner, who I announced over on my twitter account, was given the chance to choose any book by any female author!

Without further ado, I’m delighted to announce, and wish a massive congratulations, to BECCA (who you can check out over at beccaleighanne) on being the second winner of my giveaway!!

As a celebration of International Women’s History Month, the absolutely darling Becca has decided to choose:


Thank you so much for getting involved, love and I’m SO excited for you to receive your book! I hope it’s amazing and looks gorgeous on your shelves

Now, in the spirit of giving, and my own personal giddiness, I decided that fun it would be to pick ANOTHER winner.

So, I’m super happy to announce that the final winner of this giveaway is VICKI, so a massive congratulations to you as well!

Much like Becca, the lovely Vicki was given the chance to pick a book by any female author in celebration of International Women’s History Month, and they decided on:


I pretty much raced out of my door on release day to snag a copy of this and I’m so excited to get around to reading it, so I hope you absolutely adore it and it meets all your expectations. I’m so excited for you to receive it!

To everyone else that got involved, I want to say a huge thank you! I really enjoyed throwing this giveaway, and it brings me so much joy knowing I can reach out and do something nice for the book blogging community, and just book lovers as a whole! You’re all so charming and welcoming, and I really appreciate everyone who’s gotten involved. If you weren’t lucky enough to win this time around, I’m so sorry! Please keep an eye out on both my blog and my twitter, as you just never know when I might decide to throw another. 🙂

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