MAY? It’s may ALREADY? Wild. Hey everyone! Happy May, I guess, and welcome to this month’s recap! Blah blah blah, you know the drill. This is the part where I recap the last month! Though, I had a pretty slow reading month last month (what’s new, honestly?), and my head was all over the place, so I’m not sure this will be the world’s most thrilling recap, but we’ll give it a go! Before we get started, I’d like to apologise though! I really have had a sloppy month! I had a rubbish reading month, as well as a rubbish blogging month, and I’ve just been generally very spaced out and a bit on the useless side. I’ve not been keeping track of other bloggers and posts as such, nor have I gotten a very good handle on my own content, so hopefully May will be better all around!

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Pinch, punch, first day of the month! Happy March, everyone! We’ve made it through another month, so congrats on that. So, to kick off the start of a new month, i’m going to be doing a recap of February, with a round up of all the books and posts that made an appearance over the last 28 days! Plus, i’ll be capping it off by sharing some of my favourite posts from other bloggers, and giving a little teaser for the coming days!

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I’ve been using this blog sporadically over the past month, and I know how it must look. Like all I do is post challenges, but when do I ever actually read? I’ve read three books over the past month, and while my fourth is enjoyable, i’m in a teensy bit of a slump right now due to life and general stress. All the same, I do read, and these challenges are just meant as a fun way of putting a spin on the way I go about taking down my TBR pile this year!

So, below, I’ll be talking everyone through two of the challenges I’ve decided to take a crack at this year: F/F FEBRUARY and BEAT THE BLACKLIST!

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