Hey everyone! I’m back, and ready to play tag! If you spotted my last post a few weeks ago, I briefly mentioned that I had been AWOL for the last year – as a result of mental health, stress, and other reasons – but now I’m back! Sort of. I don’t know how often or how regularly I’ll be popping on, if ever, but I wanted to at least stay true and show myself for this particular tag.

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I know I owe heaps of tags and other posts, but this one felt like it was dependent on time, being an Easter tag and all, so I figured I’d jump right into it! Thank you to the gorgeous Becca who tagged me, and to Theresa for coming up with the tag in the first place!


  • Answer the prompts.
  • Tag some friends.
  • Link back to this post, and be sure to mention the creator (Theresa @ Calico Books).
  • Have fun!
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Hi everyone! Yes, I know, I’m back with another tag, but they’re just so fun, aren’t they? This particular one is courtesy of the lovely Delly, who decided to create The Fairy Tale Book Tag. And, as somebody who loves a good fairy tale, I couldn’t resist taking part! Below you’ll find the rules, as administered by Delly herself, followed by a set of quotes and questions – all Fairy Tale inspired – and I’ll be doing my best to answer each and every one as honestly as I can!

Fairy Tale Tag Rules:

  1. Answer as many questions as you can!
  2. Tag five fairy tale lovers.
  3. Please tag Delly as the creator.
  4. Have fun!
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