Hey team! So, I’m pretty rubbish at introductory posts, so I thought i’d do the lazy thing and skip that altogether! My name’s Michaela, I have a bit of a bio, and links to any relevant social media accounts, but now i’m just going to jump right in with my first post!

About a month ago, the lovely Becca, posted her own, fun tag, in which you throw your itunes, spotify, whatever onto shuffle, and each song that plays is supposed to inspire a book, a character, or a ship within you. The aim is to then tag 5-10 of your followers but, as a newbie, I’m just going to join in on the fun and hope for the best! And, naturally, if anybody deigns to read this, they are more than welcome to join in, at your own leisure. Sounds like lots of fun, and I wanted to give it a go, so, off we pop!

Never Enough by Loren Allred (The Greatest Showman)

Ronan & Adam, The Raven Cycle

I’m trying to hold my breath
Let it stay this way
Can’t let this moment end
You set off a dream in me
Getting louder now
Can you hear it echoing?
Take my hand
Will you share this with me?
‘Cause darling without you
All the shine of a thousand spotlights
All the stars we steal from the night sky
Will never be enough
Never be enough
Towers of gold are still too little
These hands could hold the world but it’ll
Never be enough

All My Love by George Ezra

Monty & Percy, The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

All my love is yours
All my time is yours
All my reckless dreams
And all my restless hours
No matter where you go
Baby, I’ll be there

Life’s Too Short by Scouting For Girls

Jack & Olivia, Olivia Twist

Come on, come on, come on, just kiss me
I’ll show you how to start
Your head says no, but don’t you listen
Just feel it in your heart
Come on, come on, come on, just kiss me
Who cares if we get caught
‘Cause we both know
That life’s just too damn short
Don’t be scared, let’s not wait
I don’t wanna hesitate
Just come and kiss me

Rose-Colored Boy by Paramore

Charlotte & Jamie, A Study in Charlotte

Rose-colored boy
I hear you making all that noise
About the world you want to see
And oh, I’m so annoyed
‘Cause I just killed off what was left of the optimist in me
But hearts are breaking, and wars are raging on
And I have taken my glasses off
You got me nervous
I’m right at the end of my rope
A half empty girl
Don’t make me laugh, I’ll choke

Tell Me A Story by Phillip Phillips

Tom & Camille, How To Stop Time

Tell you a story, and it starts with time
Moves to how you live, and learn how to die
Another phase in this world that brings death to life
So don’t believe in everything you see
Because what you want might not be what you need
Hold your breath, jump with me, and we’ll survive
‘Cause you are the sun, that leads me to the light
Hope is just a ray of what everyone should see
Alone is the street where you found me
Scared of what’s behind and scared of what’s in front
Live with what you have now, and make best of what’s to come

Tagging, my only friend on here as of right now:  Esme. Though, of course, there is no pressure to participate!

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