Hey everyone, I am BACK. Okay, I’m well aware that I’ve been APPALLING as far as updating my blog over the past month, and my reading habits have been at an absolute ALL TIME LOW. I also know that I owe my monthly recap, which is all drafted and ready to go, but for now I wanted to prioritise today’s post, in which we’ll be talking about Monstrous Regiment Publishing’s The Bi-ble.

So, some of you may already be aware of the existence of both Monstrous Regiment Publishing, as well as a book named The Bi-ble. But, for those of you unaware, I’m here to fill you in, and hopefully introduce you all to a fun and exciting project that you can all get yourself involved in!

m o n s t r o u s r e g i m e n t

Monstrous Regiment Publishing Ltd is a micropress based in a wee flat in Leith, Edinburgh, founded by two MSc Publishing graduates (Ellen Desmond and Lauren Nickodemus) while still at uni in 2017.
Their passion for publishing working class writers, as well as topics of intersectional feminism and sexuality led them on a mission to curate bold and fresh content; the stuff they felt was often missing from bookshelves.
In 2018 Monstrous expanded to include one contracted in-house designer (Hannah Killoh) and two student assistant interns (Lauren Mulvihill andd Kelli Staake).”

source: monstrous-regiment

Now that their introduction is out of the way, let’s move on to The Bi-ble! Now, this is absolutely not what you might think. The Bi-ble is an anthology; a book containing a collection of original essays and personal narratives giving platform to the thoughts and experiences relevant to bisexuals today.

Bisexual or not, I think this is a really special sort of book, and something we should all be taking the time to support. As is stated in their introductory paragraph above, the gorgeous people over at Monstrous Regiment Publishing LTD decided it was time to take a stand, and to start a campaign that finally allowed bisexuals a chance to use their voice; to be seen and heard and to steal a little of the limelight for themselves just this once. So, back in 2017, The Bi-ble was born, and a kickstarter to raise funds in helping publish it was founded.

The kickstarter was a success, the book got published, and countless people were lucky enough to get their hands on a gorgeous copy of this very unique, very hard to come by book! But, of course, it was a very limited release. Publishing a book is a difficult and expensive feat, and alongside the copies for those pledging, and the ones available for preorder and purchase in select bookshops around the UK, it’s a hard task to expect any sort of small company to be able to provide a large supply in the same way that larger brands and companies might – even with such high demand!

This was a book that myself and my friends would have loved to have gotten our hands on but, having missed out on the kickstarter, we found it quite literally impossible to find a copy anywhere – and we really did try! So, imagine our relief when we discovered that a new kickstarter was being put into action to release A SEQUEL.

So, here’s the thing: Monstrous Regiment have put together this wonderful kickstarter (and have already reached their goal!) to publish and release Volume 2 under the name The Bible: New Testimonials. They’re raising money to help publish their sequel, as well as help create more copies of the first book for those who missed out. With a brand new (and absolutely GORGEOUS) cover for Volume 1, they’re released the matching art and cover work for both Volumes, and not only do they look absolutely stunning, but I love when my books come in matching sets, don’t you?!

“Our books are not just for bisexuals, though we hope they will unite and inspire those of us who identify as such. Its writers identify as many things that fall under the bi+ umbrella. These anthologies are also an invitation to sharing and understanding – open books, so to speak, extending a discussion to other communities in the hope of learning more about each other and the beautiful, multifaceted, endlessly complex and individual world of sexuality.”

So, you heard them! Bisexual or not, this book is for you, and you’ve only got a short window left to get yourself involved! If you’d like a copy of Volume 1, Volume 2, or both then please follow this link to their kickstarter, and make your pledge today! I’ve made my pledge, so don’t hesitate to do the same!

There are just four days left to make your pledge, so if you’d like to get involved, and you’d like to know a little more about the pledges, and what they consist of, I’ll do a quick, brief explanation below, followed by another link so you can learn more for yourself!

Baby Bi Bi Bi

pledge £10 or more

  • A Monstrous Regiment badge
  • A Bi-ble themed bookmark


pledge £15 or more

  • A copy of The Bi-ble (Volume One)

STILL Bi-Curious

pledge £15 or more

  • A copy of New Testimonials (Volume Two)


pledge £20 or more

  • A copy of The Bi-ble (Volume One)
  • An A5 Limited Edition Art Print

STILL Bi-Fabulous

pledge £20 or more

  • A copy of New Testimonials (Volume Two)
  • An A5 Limited Edition Art Print

Bi-ble Built for Two

pledge £22 or more

  • A copy of the Volume of your choosing
  • An A5 Limited Edition Art Print
  • A copy donated to somebody that needs it (ie: libraries, charities, LGBTQ+ groups, etc)

Could Go Either Way

pledge £30 or more

  • A copy of The Bi-ble (Volume One)
  • A copy of New Testimonials (Volume Two)
  • An A5 Limited Edition Art Print

The Big Bi Bundle

pledge £50 or more

  • A copy of The B-ble (Volume One)
  • A copy of New Testimonials (Volume Two)
  • An A5 Limited Edition Art Print
  • Enamel Pin inspired by the cover art
  • Set of four exclusive badges
  • Bookmarks
  • A Thank You card

Take Me To Church

pledge £65 or more

  • A copy of The B-ble (Volume One) signed by as many contributors as possible
  • A copy of New Testimonials (Volume Two) signed by as many contributors as possible
  • An A5 Limited Edition Art Print
  • Enamel Pin inspired by the cover art
  • Set of four exclusive badges
  • Bookmarks
  • A copy of their literary magazine
  • Your name in a special Thank You section at the end of the book

So, there you have it. Please try to get involved if you can, while their kickstarter is running. Supporting small publishers is already reason enough, but it’s such an incredible campaign and a book that I believe deserves to see as many copies published as possible. It’s a crying shame to think that the LGBT+ community are silenced as frequently as they are, but what Monstrous Regiment are trying to do here is give a voice to bisexuals, and make other Beautiful Bis feel represented.

Once again, you can get involved in their kickstarter by clicking here. They offer far more information on this campaign, their pledges, and you can also find them on other social media forums below if you’d like to look into their other work and keep tabs on what’s to come:

twitter: MonstrousRgmt
website: monstrous-regiment
facebook: MonstrousRgmt
instagram: monstrousrgmt

And a quick, cheeky plug of my own, but for any of you who might be interested in finding me on other platforms:

twitter: @ bxbmorley
instagram: @ ganseyreads

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