Hey everyone!

So, it’s been a little (long) while — about a year, I think! I kind of abandoned this blog ever so slightly due to stress, my own mental health, and just the pressures and busyness of life. It wasn’t ever my intention to stop posting entirely, but I got snowed under, and what initially started out as something that I wanted to do to relieve me from the stress, soon became something that amplified it. I had a whole heap of posts drafted, ideas bubbling, and all of them slowly fell apart, so for that I apologise!

It’s been a strange 12 or so months, and 2020 has been a trip for us all no doubt, but I’d love to somehow – slowly but surely – get back into the groove of things. Maybe not singularly book blogging – that had never been my intention to start off with, and I think that applying that pressure to myself and forcing myself into a box is a large part of what overwhelmed me – but at least some semblance of normalcy, or a routine, or anything. I’m pretty busy at the moment with work, but it would be nice to get back into the swing of it in some shape or form!

Which brings me to:


My lovely friend Kate has recently take her own dive into the blogging world over the course of lockdown, and it’s been such a delight reading her posts and I always find myself looking forward to seeing what she’s got lined up next! Luckily for me, she tagged me in her most recent folklore book tag, so I can’t wait to get stuck into that once I get going again!


The wonderful Becca recently started her blog over! And it’s just as gorgeous, horror-filled, and fun as you’d imagine! Please don’t hesitate to give her a little follow if you haven’t already. I adore Becca, love keeping track of her reviews and whatever exciting new venture she’s taken on, and you should too!


This one isn’t entirely blog related, but a worthy mention. A friend of mine, Aksa, has been furiously tapping away at her keyboard through lockdown – much like many of you! – and has been working on a number of monologues that are due to be premiered over on the Our Shared Cultural Heritage IGTV and YouTube accounts. Please give @osch.youngpeople a follow over on Instagram if you can, and keep your eyes peeled for a number of monologues with her name to them. They touch upon her own experiences surrounding themes of belonging, dual identity, and culture.


Esme is taking part in Miles For Refugees! It’s a tricky time for all, financially, so understandably not everyone will be in a position to donate. But if you could please all take the time to check out her fundraising page and, at the very least, circulate it that would be wonderful. Esme has been interning with the British Red Cross since March and has been sound some incredible work helping to support Refugees across Britain and I couldn’t be prouder! She’s so close to her goal so please check out the link!

This touches upon everything I have to promote for the time being, but I would like to thank everyone who stuck around and stayed following me over the last year. With no content, and not a whole lot worth staying for before I disappeared, I really appreciate that there’s still this many of you here, and I hope I can make it worth the wait.

Stay safe everybody! Wash your hands, wear a mask, stay indoors when you can, and remember to be compassionate and think of others.



  1. Bex says:

    I loved waking up this morning & seeing that you’ve returned to blogging! But, of course, take breathers when needed! You are one of of my main pals, and I only want the best for you ♥♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

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